97 Lakeshore Drive

Help Protect Lake Louise Park

Buncombe County GIS with plan overlay
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A developer wants to build 21 houses on 2 buildable acres of a 3 acre lot at 97 Lakeshore Drive, which directly borders Lake Louise at Quarry Road. Twenty-one houses means SEVERAL TIMES EACH DAY MANY MORE (35-40) CARS would be using the narrow, 15 mph road around the lake.




Think about the impact on …

Lake Louise Dog Walker
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  • Children riding bikes and skateboards
  • Dog walkers on the road
  • Families walking with young children
  • Water birds and other wildlife
  • The air we breathe
  • The natural beauty of Lake Louise Park





If this troubles you, please…

  • Attend Zoning Board of Adjustments meetings the second Monday of each month at 30 South Main Street
  • Contact Town Council members and the Mayor at www.weavervillenc.org contact
    or call (828) 645-7116
  • Join the Lake Louise Preservation Association